Product Description

Pressure relief valve for domestic combination or system boilers. Also known as safety relief valve, blow off valve, release valve, PRV and SRV.

Manufactured by Caleffi, the 514 series relief valves are identifiable by a red cap, normally marked with the pressure rating, on top of a black spindle (or valve head). To activate the valve, the red cap is twisted, pulling the EPDM diaphragm away from the valve seat, and thereby providing a route of escape for the pressurised water.

Technical specification:

  • Inlet connection:  1/2in BSP Male
  • Outlet connection: 1/2in BSP Female
  • Pressure rating: 3bar
  • Brass body to EN 12165 CW617N
  • EPDM Diaphragm
  • Caleffi product code: 514430
  • Alias product codes: 514430CST, CA-514430, CA514430

This specific relief valve has previously been fitted to Ravenheat, Ferroli and Ocean Alpha boilers, under the following manufacturers part numbers:

  • Ferroli 800130
  • Ravenheat 5015010   
  • Ocean Alpha 5619620 and 6.5619620  
  • British Gas Council numbers 372897, 372-897, 386816 and 386-816

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