Spirotrap MBC1 Dirt Seperator/Magnetic Filter, 22mm Universal Conn

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Product Description

The SpiroTrap MBC1 22mm is a cost-effective, powerful dirt separator for removing both magnetic and non-magnetic dirt particles from heating and cooling systems.

  • Very small particles, from 0.005 mm and up are separated and removed.
  • No shut-off valves or bypass required.
  • Maintenance only takes a few seconds and is clean.
  • No unnecessary shutdown.
  • Constant low pressure drop.
  • Dirt can be drained while the system is in operation.
  • 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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In recent years the UK plumbing and heating market has seen a large influx of magnetic system filtration products and PHC supply system filters from many different manufacturers

Adey Magnaclean, Fernox TF1, Sentinel Eliminator, Spirotrap MB2 & MB3, Scalemaster iMag, Altecnic Dirtmag and Salus Mag defender are just some of the filters we currently stock and supply at competitive prices.

We also distribute the Boilermag range of filters in both domestic (22mm and 28mm), and industrial sizes (1.5in BSP to 6in PN16 flanged), and supply various magnetic power flushing equipment such as the Kamco CombiMag and CombiHeat and Adey Magnacleanse. 

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