Leak Detector Spray, Expert Range XP-LEAK, 400ml Aerosol

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Product Description

Leak Detector or XP-LEAK is the expert's choice for gas leak detection in any pressurised system.

Leak Detector is a pressurised foam used to identify any and all leaks in gas/pressurised air pipes, fittings, valves and vessels. Suitable for use with most gases, including: natural and town gas, butane, propane, hydrogen, compressed air, oxygen, hydrogen and acetylene.

With the can upright, keep the nozzle 2-3 centimetres away from the area you're inspecting, and spray. Use the extension straw supplied with the can if you require extra precision. A stream of bubbles in the foam indicates any leaks.

Exposure controls

Ensure there is sufficient ventilation of the area. The floor of the storage room must be impermeable to prevent the escape of liquids. Wear protective gloves. Chemical goggles or safety glasses. Ensure eye bath is to hand. Wear suitable protective clothing. Self-contained breathing apparatus must be available in case of emergency. Do not eat, drink or smoke during use.

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Gas Leak detector sprays from leading manufacturers including Rocol, Regin, Products, Arctic Hayes and Expert Range. Leak detection fluid is supplied in a variety of different applicators including brush on, spray aerosol and pump action spray.

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