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Exclusive Kane 458 Combustion Analyser Kit complete with Infra-Red Printer, Flue Gas Probe, Backpack and Infrared Thermometer. (NORMAL PRICE £785)

Included in the kit:-

  • Kane 458 Analyser 
  • IRP-2 Infrared Printer
  • INF165C Infrared Thermometer and Case (-60 to 550 Deg C, Circular Laser Targeting)
  • 20106 Backpack
  • Flue gas probe 300mm long (including handle) with 2m neoprene sampling hose and Type K thermocouple.
  • Printer paper and spare probe filters
  • Pressure connectors
  • Charger / AC adaptor
  • Certificate of calibration
  • Quick reference guide booklet

The 458 is a truly versatile analyser and can be used for the commissioning and servicing of domestic oil or gas appliances, safety and combustion efficiency checks, flue draught measurement and to measure CO in a room or around a fuel burning appliance.

Featuring a dual pump system for CO sensor ‘over-range’ protection and a rotary switch for ease of use, it is suitable for many fuel types including natural gas, LPG, butane, propane, 28 and 35 second oil, Bio-oil, Bio-Gas, wood pellets as well as town gas and coke gas.

The Kane 458 stores and fast prints reports on combustion readings, pressure measurements, let-by & tightness testing, temperature measurements and CO room build up.

Measures and calculates:-

  • Direct CO2 with an infra-red sensor (0-20%)
  • CO (0-2000ppm)
  • Differential temperature (0-600 Deg C)
  • Differential pressure meter (+/- 80mbar)
  • O2 (0-21%)
  • Excess air
  • CO/CO2 ratio (0-0.999)
  • Combustion efficiency

The 458 stores upto 60 combustion tests, and upto 20 of each type of other tests including pressure, temperature, CO and commissioning.

Factory fitted upgrades are available (please enquire prior to ordering) in addition to an optional wireless upgrade which enables you to transfer readings to your PC and send data to your mobile device using the free Kane app.

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